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Hi {{answer_67720339}}, I'm Rory. I'm the Broker, Owner at Compadre Brokers. I'm building a real estate and mortgage company and am looking for a few entrepreneurial type agents or associate brokers.

Yeah, I know, but I've had a stubborn independent streak for years and want to be my own boss. Since you are here reading this, I'm guessing you may too. I've been in lending and real estate development for years. I've built winning sales teams as well as some killer digital systems (nothing like I'm building now) but seriously killer. I'm combining everything I know, have done, and can do into a custom sales and finance platform.

I"m glad you're still here {{answer_67720339}}. You're proof the digital process works ;-) ....But digital is not the magic bullet. Successfully merging it with a smart work flow is where the Pixie does the dusting. Everything from lead acquisition to database management, application and mortgage integration to closing and referral systems can be built, tested, improved managed and duplicated creating More Happy Pixies.

We all like Pixie dust {{answer_67720339}}. I'm in the process of developing digital and social marketing systems that will get more Pixie dust. I'm not just any test dummy. I'm using quality systems like IDX Broker on a screaming fast in house server. Management and creative begin with Realvolve CRM using Zapier integration, Adobe Creative Cloud. Mailchimp and Flash Issue distribution. Web based Joomla Content Management supports our site (built and managed in house) We have new video content channels at Vimeo and You Tube. Brand-Able, Share-Able, Like-Able and Action-Able. All backed by Calyx Point Mortgage and Webcaster integration. Don't understand any of that? That's where we come in.

I am serious {{answer_67720339}} and I'm looking for a few unique individuals with the same independent streak I have with a desire to build a brand and jump off a rock solid platform with me. If you think that might be you, I have a few questions. Your answers only come to me. You can upload a resume or CV at the end of the questionnaire (not required.)

Whats your Linked In Profile URL {{answer_67720339}}? *

Industry Experience

Pick One

Understanding of Condo Structure

How well do you undestand condominium financing?

It takes Big Bucks to get into the Luxury Market

Tools you have been using for marketing

Do you have your BRE MLO Endorsement?

Please check all you are experienced with:

Have you considered getting your MLO license?

Rate your Digital Skills

How do feel about mobile and manufactured homes

{{answer_67720339}} how much profit do you think a dealer makes on the sale of a new manufactured home?

How important is a Transaction Coordinator?

How many potential referral sources are there in a single transaction?

More iconic

Where do you live?

Lead sources you rely on

Tell me your best real estate story.

Do you have an HCD license?

Multi-Family Sales and Finance

What's an ADU? Don't Google it.

New Home Construction and Finance

How important are renovation purchase loans to the market (FHA 203K - Fannie Renovation)?

Are you interested in manufactured and modular home construction?

What's a NPS? Googling

Do you have a source for home equity lines of credit?

What's the most valuable thing your broker can provide you?

What's the most valuable thing you can provide your broker?


Thank you for your time. What is your phone number?

You are welcome to upload your CV or resume here.

Thank you for your interest in Compadre Brokers and for taking the time to answer my questions. I promise to keep your inquiry confidential and will contact you. If you don't have a chance to send your resume now, you can send using the contact link on my Compadre personal page. BTW, an ADU is an Accessory Dwelling Unit and NPS stands for Net Promoter Score, both important concepts at Compadre in 2018.

Thank you very much. Learn More Here
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